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Dominant feature of Sensi sandals

Sensi drainage System

The dominant feature of the SENSI ® Sandals, is the particular PVC sole, obtained from the connection of a perforated footbed and a sole with channels for the outflow of water. The holes present on the footbed in communication with these channels, allow the discharge of water, which is expelled out through slits present along the side of the sandal. Moreover, using the same mecchanism, the pressure exerted step by step on the footbed, produces a pumping action that allows air to pass from the outside to the inside towards the sole of the foot, generating a ventilation system that keeps the foot always dry and fresh.

From experience with the market of north european countries, BUBBLES MASSAGE SYSTEM ®. With the same basic characteristic of the DRAINAGE SYSTEM ®, the particular bubbles on the footbed offer step by step a stimulating massage with proved beneficial effects on blood circulation, combined to very good “shock absorbing” performance. Such features have conferred them with an all round success.



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