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From the peacefulness of the umbrian lands, the most used spa sandal in the world.

The particular features of the SENSI ® sandals, has convinced during the years the most popular health-centres to select them for their staff, and offer their guests the opportunity to utilize and buy them within the SPA facilities.

First used since 1985 in American SPAS, which are generally known for the attention they pay towards product quality, since the middle of the nineties, they are now enjoying general esteem even in the european Health Centres, so much that, in the 1999, the SPAUS ab of Stockolm, company leader in the field of SPA equipment, asked and obtained to become Sensi’s official dealer.

  • Pantented footbed system for water drainage & air flow
  • Shock absorbing, skid resistant soles
  • Manufactured & hand assembled in Italy since 1962


Sensi: quality & comfort. From 50 years our winning binomial.

  • Wholly made of plasticized Lead Free PVC, with addition of oils make the material very soft and, consequently, make the hoof extremely comfortable.
  • The special compound, without metallic support makes the product antistatic.
  • Thinking about its daily use, also and especially in sanitary field,  we decided to use an "precious PVC" that makes the product antifungal and antibacterial.
  • Thanks to the employed material the hoof can be washed in the washing-machine and / or in the autoclave at 120 /135 °C.
  • Sensi sandals... Made in Italy since 1962
  • The tipology of the hoof, makes the product itself unisex, the sizes are two-by-two from 36/37 to 46/47.
  • Our Sensi Drainage System patent consists in a structure under the plantar that is made of interconnected holes and interspaces, that grants the perfect areation of the foot, keeping it dry even in high temperature. The Sensi Drainage System is exploited in the production of sporting and leisure sandal, too.

  • The special Contoured Reflex Footbed grants an extremely comfortable fitting and a proper posturally, thanks to the anatomical conformation on the plantar, that highlights and stimulates each reflex zone of the sole of the foot.
  • Athletes have been testing it for 20 years in the post-agonistic activities.
  • Soft Dump Concept: inside the structure is placed a particular inner sole realized in EVA TECH, a special controlled deformation compound, that lets the user to absorb at each step the shock caused by the impact of the sole of the foot against the soil, getting real beficts at muscles, ligaments and skeleton apparatus.
  • Power Grip anti-slipping sole with stability certificate against the risk of bad falls, even on wet areas.
  • It's perfect to be used in a professional and post-agonistic areas, in Health centers, SPA.... and for everybody who doesn't want  to renounce to the comfort that Sensi Saturnia is able to give even in the spare time.

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