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With our experience gained in more than 50 years, Sensi footwear is at the forefront of the latest technologies and materials used, with many of our patents:

  • GRIP: innovative over-shoe that you can quickly slip on your après-sky or your mountaineering boots or on every kind of winter shoe, avoiding dangerous falls.
  • Drainage System: particular PVC sole, obtained from the connection of a perforated footbed and a sole with channels for the outflow of water and vice versa it allows a flow of air from the outside towards the sole of the foot.
  • Bubble Massage Sysyem: particular bubbles on the footbed offer step by step a stimulating massage with proved beneficial effects on blood circulation, combined to very good “shock absorbing” performance.
  • Barefoot Contoured System: ensures an extremely comfortable and posturally correct fit, thanks to the anatomical shape of the footbed that highlights and stimulates each reflex zone of the sole of the foot.

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