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Company Profile

Times have surely chianged, but the spirit and the enthusiasm that made all of this happen are still those of 50 yoears ago.

Born more than 50 years ago, from an idea of Mr Sensi, who was already involved in the shoe sector, to offer to his customers a new product, in the van of technology, and with the originality and creativity of italian design...

...combined to a close attention for details, the sandals have represented during the years, a reference point for a demanding clientele always in search of the better product.

And so together with a group of tecnicians the idea took shape, and, in a little factory on the slopes of Monte Subasio, the sandals, that Mr Sensi had always imagined, and that marked a time, began to develop.

Who has worked in this sector cannot forget, the "Messicano" that represented one of the symbols of those years.

Nowadays production takes place in the new factory of 15.000 mq, with computerized machines, a laboratory for the control of raw materials and a technical office always in search of new models with the satisfaction of having been one of the first companies in this sector to obtain the certification quality UNI EN ISO 9002

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